IMPORTANT INFO 1: For best image quality use this QR code to configure your mobile for MVR glasses.



IMPORTANT INFO 2: When you register your gift games please use the same email used to register the glasses.




Assembly and adjustment instructions for the Lakento MVR glasses and your mobile.


 1. Positioning of the foam in the viewer.

Once you have unpacked the contents of the MVR glasses box, you will find the following elements:

A. Body of the viewer with its cover.

B. Molded foam to be adapted to the face.

C. Placement frames for different mobiles.

D. Bag with 4 foam pieces.


In this step we are going to make use of the elements A and B

Fix the viewer by placing it on the cover. Use a smooth and soft surface to avoid scratching the cover of the viewer (cloth, sponge, toweling, etc.)

Separate the protector from the adhesive of the foam and stick it in the viewer making sure it is well fitted to the edge of the viewer.

If you do not have a steady hand or are not “dexterous” at this type of thing, find the regular handy-man of the house.


 2. Positioning of the placement frame suitable for your mobile.

In this step we are going to make use of the elements A and C.

The viewer has a frame stuck to it that is suitable for large mobiles of 5,5’’ or bigger. If this is the case for your phone jump to step  3.

Select a suitable frame based on the size of your mobile and fit it in the interior of the viewer, making sure it attaches to the lateral clips by applying a little pressure:

 3. Positioning of the foam corners so that the mobile is always held firm.

In this step we are going to make use of the elements A+C and D..

Position your mobile so that the screen is centered in relation to the square holes in the frame:

To be able to see where the center of the mobile screen is and position it in the center of the frame, use an image similar to this:


Once you have positioned your mobile and it is correctly centered, stick the foam corners so that they serve as guides every time you fit the mobile in the viewer:


 4. The MVR viewer is now adapted for your mobile and ready to use.

Important: We recommend you use a rotating chair to play as the Virtual Reality environments are 360º

In this way, whilst you are seated, you will be able to rotate 360 º avoiding knocking into objects or tripping over whilst playing.


 5. Register your glasses on our web

If you still haven’t done so, register your glasses by clicking here.

You will need the product code that you can find in the printed instructions, inside the MVR box.


 6. Download and install the games on your mobile from our Home Page:


To unlock the PREMIUM version of the gift apps that came with the Lakento MVR glasses follow these simple steps:

1.  Download Sharks VR or Flirt AR from our web.

2. At the startup of the app, when you are asked for your email, enter the same one used to register the MVR glasses.

If you have already started up and registered the Apps with your email, restart the app so that the PREMIUM version will be activated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you register the apps that came as a gift use the same email you used to register the glasses

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