Lakento MVR's use instructions.

 1.  Register your VR glasses in our WEB.

You need the product code. You can find it into the MVR's box.

Then do MVR's registration clicking HERE.


 2.  Gift games.

To unlock PREMIUM version of the gift games that came with Lakento MVR glasses follow these simple steps:

- Install the gift games included looking for its names at AppStore or Google Play.

Once installed, register your gift games using the same email used to register the glasses.


IMPORTANT INFO: For best image quality use this QR code to configure Cardboard in your mobile for MVR glasses.


 3.  Set your mobile into MVR glasses.

Image about how to set your mobile into MVR glasses.

1. Set MVR glasses' cover upwards and open it.

2. Place your mobile over the foam by centering screen with the guides. (white lines)

3. Close the cover carefully avoiding mobile to move. Once cover is closed mobile doesn't move and be safe surrounded by foams.

 If your model has not foam with guides: Click this link.


 4. MVR viewer is now ready to use with your mobile.

Important: We recommend you use a rotating chair to play as the Virtual Reality environments are 360º

In this way, whilst you are seated, you will be able to rotate 360 º avoiding knocking into objects or tripping over whilst playing.


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