Viernes, 01 de Agosto de 2014 a las 14:32

GAMESCOM 2014: MEET LAKENTO Mobile Virtual Reality.

The new MVR device for gaming to be show-cased at Gamescom.

LAKENTO will be at Gamescom 2014 showcasing its new device for the press.

Please meet us at booth DO51/ E050a (Hall 4.2) in order to check this amazing experience out. We have prepared an awesome virtual experience that no press representative wants to miss. Please mail to reserve your presentation slot, hurry up, no many left now.


Device description:

The first prototype of LAKENTO MVR glasses were presented in June at GAMELAB Barcelona 2014 with an incredible reception from both the general public and very especially from developers whom are currently planning to turn their 3D games into Virtual Reality. With a powerful 4.2 millimeter lenses, it achieves a wide viewing angle for a unique virtual experience for mobile users. 



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